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Feature Film
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An unsuccessful woman wants to be rich and famous, so she becomes a model. But as her new life grows, the closer her past comes back to haunt her, an eating disorder.

This film will explore the fashion and modelling world. Based in London. The story will be a drama/black comedy.

Looking for actors to fill the remaining key roles. This will be an expenses only offer, but food, good screen-time for showreel, IMDB credit and contacts are part of the package. Ideal for creatives with a love for their craft and can respect the nature of low budget productions.

Festival circuit and screening outlets is the films objective.


Anorexic Model

Female / 20 - 30 /

An anorexic model must be portrayed here. So the actress must be underweight (the more extreme the better). Hair colour blonde.

Overweight Girl

Female / 16 - 20 /

This character portrays a model when she was younger and overweight. So the actress must be overweight (the more the better). Hair colour blonde.


Male / 30 - 40 /

A gay and eccentric fashion photographer. He is a gay man. Actor must be comfortable playing this.

Female Models

Female / 20 - 30 /

A variety of models required to play professional models in the fashion world.

Film Crew Extras

Female & Male / 20 - 30 /

Extras required to act as professional film crew workers.

Bar Extras

Female & Male / 20 - 60 /

Male and female extras wanted for a bar scene in an expensive London celebrity hangout.

Cafe Extras

Female & Male / 16 - 60 /

Male and female extras wanted for a cafe scene in a London Cafe.

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